Fig.5. Drawing Fever: Narrative, on-going

Kevin Andrew Curran
Masaya Chiba
Jule Korneffel
Kazuyuki Takezaki
Lillian Paige Walton

November 2 Wednesday – November 27 Sunday, 2022

Cooperation: ShugoArts, Misako & Rosen

Fig. is pleased to present Drawing Fever I: Narrative, on-going, the first edition of annual exhibition focusing on the idea of drawing. The works by Kevin Andrew Curran, Masaya Chiba, Jule Korneffel, Kazuyuki Takezaki, and Lillian Paige Walton are presented in the exhibition.

As a medium and beyond, 'drawing' has been considered and discussed from various concerns, including formal, technical, practical, art-historical, and theoretical. It is often associated with specific materials and tools, including pencils and paper, or visual elements such as lines. While 'drawing' implicates a more direct or intimate nature, which would sometimes affect to carry even an ephemeral quality, artists have positioned and explored 'drawing' in their practice through numerous approaches.

Drawing has been embraced and appreciated as to which we can observe more the artists' thinking or process of creating 'the work,' but it is also true that it's often treated as somewhat the state that sits in the transition of becoming 'the work.' In other words, historically speaking, it would have been regarded as a preparatory work, draft, or possibly as underrepresented medium compared to others.

The scopes of this series of exhibitions are to examine the relationship between various artists and drawing, dive deeply into the notion of drawing, and explore its conceivabilities further. Through this, we attempt to liberate drawing from a potent medium specific quality on the one hand and to situate it as a pivotal entry point to investigate contemporary artists' practices.

In the first edition, we will explore drawing from the perspective of "Narrative" and the other concepts that exist around it. It regards drawing not only employed as a medium or method for storytelling. Rather, we examine each artist's entire practice as a whole narrative(s) and apprehend 'drawing' as each artist endeavors to shape those narratives.


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